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Décadas Radio
Una década para recordar

A decade to remember

The majority of which form part of Decades Irradiate, went collaborators of Radius Odyssey, an emisora that was born to finals of the year 1982 and that it was closed in the year 1985. Since practicamente any of us saw again us.
In the year 2012, with motive of the 30 anniversary of the birth of Radius Odyssey, went back us to joint to present the web page of where remembered the attainments achieved in that emisora that issued from The Prat of Llobregat. Said web page also had of an on-line radio, and like homage to Radius Odyssey, rescue coin, jingles and audible memories, and during a year have been issuing every night from house. 

On 1 May 2014, it is born the new web of, where follows alive the memory of Radius Odyssey, a non-profit radio, done among friends, with the only intention to have a good time it.

How listen us?

In the mobile
Downloaded Tunein.

In the web of Tunein web or in the one of Decades Irradiate Issue the 24 h. With automatic programming.

Together live an Odyssey
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