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I articulate in the Magazine L'Espill in which the Director of The Odyssey spoke on the radio of that then:
The emisoras independent are the alternative without more imperative to give to irradiate it diffusion the change (with the good sense of the word) that all the audience expected, but here topamos with the legalisations, the because by a simple permission does not give step to new postures or positions that the only that pretends is to reinforce and advance in the technological plan, cultural

Some emisoras independent pretend to assume all the fiscal and social responsibilities and economic that comports some media spoken. In the social section is where these emisoras have made his deeper work, since the level of unemployment in our country is tall and has procured to base of endeavour of these companies deprived the hire the maximum possible number of personnel that through his work have arrived to a professional level in five times less than time that the ancient professional. And speaking of indexes of audience do not have neither that say, that the statistics that publish some emisoras commercial, since adding all the listeners of these statistics in Barcelona would result to be that in the City Condal, would have a number of inhabitants of 4 millions, and wanting to do them another observation in these statistics exits the name of some radio chain with an index of audience for example of 450.000 people, that divided by the number of seasons of radio that modulate in this Capital, gives an inferior result, of listeners compared to an emisora independent. The result is that the audience is similar or the same of an emisora commercial that of an emisora independent without counting that an emisora local of a big chain, the twenty-five percent of his progración is not own but purely make the function of pure repetidores of a national program.

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