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Thirty years afterwards 1982-2012

In the life there are decisions that change your fate, definitely The Odyssey changed the mio, went a privilege have formed part of so good moments. The thirty anniversary, was a big occasion so that that family of youngsters, thirty years afterwards go back us to find and also so that those that did not live those moments do an idea of the force of that radio. In September of the year 2012 created the web page of to maintain alive the memory of Radius Odyssey, in addition to creating an on-line radio where were emitindo every night from house.

Rafael Gallardo
Treinta años después 1982-2012 - Fotografías del 30 aniversario

Photographs of the 30 anniversary

Treinta años después 1982-2012 - Videos 30 años después

Videos 30 years afterwards

Treinta años después 1982-2012 - Directos


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